Cloud Migration:- Lift & Shift OR Refactor?

Impeccable planning & Execution

Never thought migrating to a fully automated Cloud environment was even possible due to the traditional legacy applications we had. Thanks to the well architected migration strategy from Dascase.

— Senior VP of Infrastructure, Captivate

Why Migrate?

Because of proven benefits. Cost Reduction, Scalability, Optimised Performance, & Regulatory Compliance are some of the high order benefits of migrating to cloud.

Maintaining a datacenter for running your applications, is like building a machine gun to shoot a mosquito.

Why worry about multiple datacenter’s, when you can have your applications running on demand and pay just for what you use.

Building a world class datacenter infrastructure is a big task in itself.  Cloud provides the guarantee of a state of the art infrastructure, without any management overhead. Unlike traditional datacenter model, in cloud you can have additional storage, and compute without any upfront planning.


Public Cloud

IT operations team was completely a different team from Developers. Often times these teams were so isolated and were managed by completely different department leadership. This resulted in an unproductive environment and started to impact business goals.

Private Cloud

The very first conference for the devops was organised by agile practitioner Patrick Debois in Belgium. Companies like Puppet(one of the initial configuration management tool) adopted it early on.

Hybrid Cloud

What started as meetups and conference discussion is now considered as a major branch in IT industry. In the past 4 to 5 years, the demand for engineers who practice devops has gone up substantially.

There was a time when people believed that more team members means more productivity and more throughput. Its no more true after companies started adopting Devops culture. 

— Chairman, Dascase.

What’s our Expertise?


Amazon Web Services

We can help you migrate your datacenter workloads to AWS. Some applications can be directly migrated by the fork lift method. However, some might need refactoring. We specialise in providing a framework to bring your applications to AWS cloud following the best practices.


Google Cloud Platform

Teams that work in siloes often don’t adhere to the ‘systems thinking’ of DevOps. ‘Systems thinking’ is being aware of how your actions not only affect your team, but all the other teams involved in the release process. Lack of visibility and shared goals means lack of dependency planning, misaligned priorities, finger pointing, and ‘not our problem’ mentality, resulting in slower velocity and substandard quality. DevOps is that change in mindset of looking at the development process holistically and breaking down the barrier between Dev and Ops.

Microsoft Azure

Image result for azure logo We have certified Architects and Devops engineers who can make your azure cloud work the way you want it.  Be it writing infra as code for Azure, or designing a server less application model in Azure.

Infra As Code

IAC will let you spin up an entire infrastructure in minutes from scratch. You can bring in the same code review process that is employed for your applications to infrastructure. Your networks, databases, application servers, load balancer rules etc will all be following the same software release process.

In fact the entire infra can be versioned and tagged for release process.  This will bring in enormous amount of consistency across different environments.  The possibility of having an error or deviation is bare minimum, when infrastructure is provisioned using code.

Lets make it simple.. The code in your master branch reflects the infra you have in production.

Infra as code done by Dascase for our Azure cloud environment has substantially reduced the time required for spinning up a new environment
— Director of Operations


Apart from increased quality and predictability, automation can substantially increase productivity and reduce the time required to set something up and running. Time spent on manual effort can be put to use in more innovative and productive way.

We automate pretty much everything that needs to be done more than once. Starting from a virtual machine image, and the configuration inside the machine, databases, schema inside the db and so on. We have extensively leveraged majority of tools in the configuration management space like Chef, Puppet, Ansible.

Continues Integration

Your developers can commit code, and detect changes, and test it out before integration. All of this in an automated fashion. This improves productivity of the development teams. This methodology finds issues quickly and provides rapid feedback to developers. The more the feedback the more efficient the dev team is.

Every new thing in the repository will have its own tests, which ensures it wont break the thing that came before. Integration bugs are caught early and can be easily tracked, frequent commits, staging builds etc are some of the high order benefits of continues integration. We take this same approach for whatever we deliver to our clients.

Ready to start your Cloud journey?

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